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An exceptional refuge for biodiversity

The National Park extends over the Sierra de Guadarramamountain range, whose highest peak is the Peñalara summit. Other outstanding features include the Puerto de Navafríapass and the La Morcuera and Siete Picos mountain ranges.

All these mountainous areas are much frequented by hiking and climbing enthusiasts. The cooler and more humid conditions to be found in these mountains, plus the fact that it is so little affected by human activity, have made these mountains an exceptional refuge for biodiversity. Its physical features include glacial cirques and lakes, and granite rock fields, and its plant landscapes are formed by high-mountain ecosystems and extensive forests of Scots pine.

Buitrago and its castle

It is located at one end of the walled enclosure. It was built between the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. It belongs to the Moorish style, made of brick and masonry. It is almost square and fortified by seven towers, one of which is pentagonal and the rest with different plants. The towers have openings topped by arches, made by rows, and horseshoe. It was the residence of the Marquis de Santillana and their descendants.

The city walls and fortress were declared National Monuments in 1931. In 1993, Buitrago is declared of Cultural Interest, in the category of Historical-Artistic. The ownership of the castle passed to the municipality of Buitrago in 2000.

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