Calle de las Eras, 35-37,
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Skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, skating, dog sledding, …winter is always the right time for many activities. The 150 km area of slopes can be explored without limits in Navafría, Cotos or Navacerrada Ski Stations.

Horse Riding

The National Park Sierra del Guadarrama offers incredible and rugged landscapes of breathtaking beauty. One of the best ways to discover and admire them is from the back of a horse.

Thanks to our riding trails across the Sierra, led by our experts guides, you will discover all those unspoilt settings and enjoy a time of adventure and fun.

Excursions take place at the Madrid Sierra and the Sierra Guadarrama National Park, only 85 Km of Madrid city.


The Community of Madrid has many attractions for visitors that travel to it. While speaking of the community always we think of their capital, and what it offers, also has many attractions for lovers of rural activities. Among these activities, one that provides endless possibilities is the practice of fishing, which can be performed in many places in both reservoirs, such as rivers or special places like farms, where there is an area specifically for it, in which they have placed different species of fish to be enjoying this activity.

Some of the most famous and productive reservoirs in the field of fisheries is the Riosequillo and Pinilla reservoir, which belongs to the Cuenca del Manzanares, which you can enjoy a great day of fishing and in the same species are different fish such as carp and pike, but also taking advantage of its unique location, you can enjoy both a picnic and spend a day in this place surrounded by nature.


Peñalara Nature Reserve is a paradise for mountain biking.

Bicycle rental is provided to tour one of their hundreds and little crowded trails, it is a real adventure …

Launch Offer: 12 euros/midday


Take part in a beautiful and unforgettable guided hike. Your local guide will show you the alpineflora and fauna and who knows, maybe you will also see some indigenous wildlife? To preserve your strength, we have prepared any routes that you’ll love it.


The hallmark and leading star of the scenery found in the Northern mountains (Sierra Norte) is the water. The watercourses of the Lozoya and Jarama rivers, as well as other less important. streams, create an ensemble of natural, rural, and cultural landscape, and form the foundations around which some counties and many municipalities have been formed. This is one of the most beautiful locations of the Comunidad de Madrid.

The 41 municipalities have not lost the traditional spirit over the years, and have maintained the ancestral architecture of the urban areas which, in turn, adds a particular beauty to the scenery. In this territory, two distinct zones can be defined. The mountain, representing the largest part of the territory, and the countryside, which is present at the southeast end.


You will be able to go out in a route guided in Bike by the Valle del Lozoya National Park, to realize an activity combined of Escalation and Shot and Arch, Puenting, or navigate in y

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